Organic Herbal Growth Serum

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Searching for relief for stubborn, problematic hair that just won't seem to grow? Give your hair the healthy jump-start it's craving and experience a difference you'll feel and see right away. This serum uses all completely organic ingredients  like Castor oil, soybean oil, fresh herbs, floral extracts, and essential oils to naturally promote the growth of beautiful healthy hair. It works by starting at the source, soothing dry, itchy, and irritated scalps to provide a healthy foundation for hair to grow. Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than hair she's proud to show off every day! 


Revitalize your scalp and roots with organic ingredients and essential oils. This lightweight herbal serum penetrates the scalp deeply encouraging healthy hair growth. A few drops a day, goes a long way! 

We picked 14 amazing ingredients that pair very together, working in harmony, making this the perfect solution for your scalps needs.  

Individually, each of these ingredients pack a punch of their own. (See Star ingredients & our INGREDIENTS page)

Usage Instructions:
A little goes a long way. Using a dime size amount, rub directly onto you scalp targeting your areas that need the most attention first. Also, use a small amount with our Hydrating Herbal Leave to lock in nourishing hydration.

Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Soybean Oil infused with Organic Amla Extract, Organic Bhringaraj Extract, Organic Brahmi, Organic Rosemary, Organic Comfrey, Organic Nettle, Basil, Passionflower, Sulfur, Hibiscus Extract, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil. may contain Menthol, Camphor, and Capscium

  • Basil

    Basil promotes hair growth, stimulating the follicles and promotes production of healthy hair. Anti-infalmmatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant properties.

  • Hibiscus

    Prevents split ends, conditioning, reduces hair shedding, promotes thicker, longer, stronger hair. Rich in nutrient and amino acids to produce keratin, the building blocks of our hair. Combats hair loss, treats dandruff, rich in vitamin C, delays premature graying.

  • Bhringaraj

    Penetrates the scalp helping to treat dry scalp. Reduces stress related hair loss, and promotes hair growth. Adds shine, and prevents premature greying of hair.

  • Organic Castor Oil

    Castor oil encourages hair growth, helps to treat dandruff, thickens the hair, controls hair loss, conditions the hair and the scalp, prevents breakage, seals ends.

  • Passionflower

    A nourishing, indulgent herb which can balance Vata problems and promote skin’s natural defences. An anti-inflammatory with a high concentration of fatty acids.

  • Amla Oil

    Penetrates the scalp, nourishing and strengthening the hair at the root preventing breakage and hair loss. Helps prevent gray hair, improves scalp health, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, treats dandruff, aids in hair growth.

  • 5

    Posted by Marcheta on Nov 27th 2022

    Great for hair growth. On wash day, I pair it with the Hydrating Herbal Leav-In Conditioner and the Hydrating Curl custard and it leaves my hair feeling so moisturized and soft!

  • 5

    Posted by Nyja on Feb 7th 2022

    I love this product because it smells really good, my hair loves it and all of it goes into my hair so there is no residue or left over on my hands overall my hair feels so great after.

  • 5
    t really does grow my hair, it smells good, it...

    Posted by Nyja on May 4th 2021

    t really does grow my hair, it smells good, it feels good, It looks good and my hair loves it

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