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Ditch phthalates and unrecognizable chemicals for all-natural hair care products from Emerald City Naturals. 

With nourishing ingredients such as manuka honey, organic nettle, and organic essential oils to cleansing and scalp detoxifying agents including bentonite clay and activated charcoal, you get the power of plants with the benefits of clean ingredients. 

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Soft, Luscious Locks 

From Scalp To Ends

Emerald City Naturals has a myriad of hair conditioning products that foster mane magic! The Hydrating Herbal Leave-In Conditioner is deeply moisturizing without weighing your hair down. 

The scent is intoxicating thanks to the organic essential oils of lavender and cedarwood, while giving you the hydration you need with aloe vera, hemp oil, jojoba oil, and more. 

To go a little bit deeper, try the Manuka Honey Deep Conditioning Mask. Rejuvenate and recoup damaged hair with the power of antioxidant-rich manuka honey, rose hydrosol, marshmallow root, and beyond. Forget frizz, and embrace strong and healthy hair!

Embrace Healthy, Revitalized Hair 

Hair Care Treatments

All-Natural Hair Care Treatments

Our hair endures a lot — from environmental toxins and pollutants to heat styling (blow drying, curling, etc.) — time and wear and tear can impact its health. 

Emerald City Naturals can take dull, limp locks and restore vitality through a variety of our all-natural hair care treatments. 

To clarify and promote scalp health, the Detoxifying Clay Mask works wonders. Packed with bentonite, kaolin, and rhassoul clays, and hibiscus tea, this hair treatment combats scalp buildup with gentle exfoliation. 

To grow thick, lustrous strands, our Organic Herbal Growth Serum implements castor seed oil, amla, rosemary, and so many more powerful ingredients to deliver a healthy foundation for your hair to grow. 


What about curly hair? For naturally vibrant and bouncy curls try our Manuka Honey Curl Defining Jelly. Featuring nourishing ingredients including manuka honey and agave nectar, your curls have never looked sweeter! 

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Beautiful, Healthy Hair Begins With The Right Hair Care Products!

Emerald City Naturals has curated all-natural and organic hair care products that are tailored to every type of hair. Hydrate, add curl, and grow thick beautiful hair when you shop Emerald City Naturals hair care products today!

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