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aboutmephoto.pngHello. My name is Ashlee Morgan and I am the Owner & Founder of Emerald City Naturals. At Emerald City Naturals, our goal is to produce products that benefit your hair, skin and body. We use the best ingredients to promote deep hair penetration from within the hair follicle.
Having healthy hair and skin is not solely accomplished by what you put on it. What you put into your body plays a major role into achieving your hair health goals. This is why I was compelled to provide products from renowned health and wellness brands in the industry.
Emerald City Naturals was established due to my personal experiences and my being able to recognize a gap in the industry. (you may have experienced the same)

  • Main stream products that were over promising and under delivering.
  • Not having products that met the needs of my hair type and hair types like mine.
  • Becoming a product junkie, hoping something or a conglomeration of products could be the answer.
  • Experiencing breakage, matting, and damage while not having accurate product information, and in turn making matters worse.
  • Simply not understanding my hair, because I didn't have the proper products - creating FALSE feelings of dislike for the hair on my own head.

All of these reasons and so many more are why I decided to produce a product line. I wish I had when I began my natural hair journey. Emerald City Natural’s product line is perfect whether you are just starting your natural hair journey, or you’re an OG natural.

I hope THE FOUNDATION hair product line, as well as Emerald City Natural products can become a part of your hair/skin routine, helping to make your hair more enjoyable, improving your overall health and simplifying your wash day.

Thank you for supporting this small healthy happy black owned business!

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